Plains Pipeline and Exxon Mobil announce New Pipeline

On June 12th of this year, Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. and Exxon Mobil announced that they had begun the process of constructing a new pipeline by signing a letter of intent to pursue the creation of a joint venture. The pipeline, which is still unnamed, will transport crude oil and condensate from Permian basin to the Texas Gulf Coast. More specifically, the pipeline is set to originate in Wink and Midland, Texas and have terminals in Webster, Baytown, and Beaumont.

Importantly, Plains Pipeline and Exxon’s announcement stated that, “a priority would be placed on using existing pipeline corridors to help limit potential community and environmental disruptions.” Based on information from property owners who have received surveying permit requests from Plains Pipeline, it appears that portions of the proposed new Plains / Exxon Mobil pipeline will run parallel to Enterprise Product Partners’ recent “Shin Oak” pipeline.  Neither Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. nor Exxon Mobil has released any updates about the pipeline since their initial announcement in June.

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