SH 31 Gregg County

As they received environmental clearance in the fall of 2020, TxDOT’s Tyler District is on track to begin improvements on SH 31.The new improvements will reconstruct and expand the current two way road into a four lane, divided facility. The SH 31 project will be 20 miles in length and will start at Loop 323 in Tyler and end at FM 1639.

Since the project has received environmental clearance, the next steps are the acquisition of right of way. The project is anticipated to need 171.4 acres of new right-of way, which will likely displace 41 residences and 16 non-residential structures. Funding for the project has not yet been identified but TxDOT is tentatively expected to begin acquiring ROW in 2022.

US 90 Widening in Liberty County

TxDOT’s Beaumont district has plans to reconstruct and widen US 90. The proposed project is 11 miles in length and will alter the corridor of US 90 from FM 563 to SH 61. The improvements will include the construction of new bridges and will widen the two lane roadway to a four lane, divided roadway. In order to accommodate these changes, the existing 120 foot right-of-way will be expanded to 250 feet. This additional right-of-way will impact properties along the corridor and may result in displacements. 

TxDOT closed public input on the project in early March 2021 and is now working on a schematic design and environmental studies for preferred alternatives. After the completion of those steps, TxDOT will seek final environmental clearance and acquire right-of-way. 

FM 1485- TxDOT in Montgomery County

In order to improve safety and mobility, TxDOT is planning on making road improvements in Montgomery county. The 5 mile corridor of FM 1485 corridor between SH 242 and Kidd Cemetery Road is going to be widened from a two lane road to a four lane road. Additional improvements include separating the opposing lanes of traffic with a raised median and the construction of a new, 10-foot side path for pedestrians. 

The project requires approximately 46 acres of new right-of-way which is anticipated to result in 40 displacements, including residences and commercial properties. TxDOT is likely to have one more public meeting in mid-2021. By late 2021, TxDOT predicts the project will receive environmental clearance which will allow for the acquisition of the required right-of-way.

Mile 6 West- Hidalgo County

Hidalgo County Precinct #1 and TxDOT are collaborating to make improvements to Mile 6 West Road. The project spans 5.18 miles from Mile 11 to SH 107 between the cities of Weslaco and Elsa. The improvements include reconstructing the road, constructing left turn lanes and a drainage ditch, and improving existing drainage ditches. TxDOT is planning to acquire 58.1 acres of new right-of-way for the project. TxDOT anticipates ROW acquisitions to begin in the fall of 2021 after final environmental clearance is received. 

US 67 at Lake Ridge Parkway in Ellis County & Dallas County

The 1.7 mile intersection of US 67 at Lake Ridge Parkway in Ellis & Dallas counties will undergo renovations and new construction. TxDOT has proposed the construction of a grade-separated interchange which will have six 12-foot lanes, a 10-foot raised median, and Texas U-turns. The proposed improvements also include the reconstruction of US 67’s main lanes and frontage roads (from north of Shiloh Road to south of Mt. Lebanon Road). 

TxDOT is expecting to get environmental clearance in Spring 2021. After the project receives environmental clearance, right-of-way will be acquired. Roughly 60.4 acres will be condemned by TxDOT for the project and one commercial building will be displaced. ROW acquisition is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2021. Afterwards, utility relocation and construction will begin. 

TxDOT in San Antonio: US 90 from SH 211 to Loop 13

Increasing traffic volumes in western San Antonio are the impetus for TxDOT’s recent proposal to improve US 90. The proposed project stretches 11.5 miles from SH 11 to Loop 13 (W. Military Drive). TxDOT has plans to expand the four‐lane roadway with intermittent frontage roads to a six‐lane expressway with one-way continuous frontage roads. The project also includes construction of direct connectors at Loop 1604 and improvements to State Highway 211, Montgomery Road, Hunt Lane, and Loop 13 intersections. Before construction can begin, TxDOT must obtain right-of-way. The project will require approximately 79 acres of right-of-way, which is anticipated to be acquired beginning in the spring of 2021.

TxDOT Project Map from October 2020

TxDOT in Starr County: SL 195

In order to improve safety, mobility and connectivity, TxDOT is planning the construction of a 17 mile roadway in Starr County, Texas. The new roadway will be a 4-lane divided highway connecting Rio Grande City and Roma. The project is a new-location reliever route for FM 755 and US 83 which SL 195 will connect. TxDOT anticipates the acquisition of 667 acres of right-of-way, which may possibly lead to the displacement of 1 commercial structure, 5 residential structures and 7 additional structures. The project is expected to receive environmental clearance early in 2021 and acquisition of right-of way is expected to begin in the spring of 2023.

TxDOT in Lubbock: Loop 88 Segments 1 & 2

TxDOT is in the process of constructing a new state highway in Lubbock. The proposed Loop 88 bypass will be a controlled access facility consisting of a six-lane divided freeway (three lanes in each direction) with two-lane frontage roads. The Loop 88 project is approximately 37 miles long and will be constructed in four segments. Segment 3, which TxDOT is currently acquiring right-of-way for, will be the first to be completed. Segments 1 and 2 will follow.

Segment 1 begins at the intersection of US 84 and FM 2641 and connects with the beginning of Segment 2 at State Highway 114. Segment 2 stretches to the intersection of US 62 and US 82 at the beginning of Segment 3. The length of Segment 1 and 2 is approximately 16.05 miles. Segments 1 and 2 received final Environmental Assessment in the fall of 2020. The next step will be right-of-way acquisitions which are predicted to begin in 2022. The project will need approximately 850 acres of new right-of-way and is anticipated to displace 12 residential properties.

TxDOT in Tarrant County: Southeast Connector Project

TxDOT is working on a major roadway project in Tarrant County. The Southeast Connector project will reconstruct and widen I-20, I-820 and US 287, including the three major interchanges for each highway. The project will also include the creation of bicycle/pedestrian accommodations including shared-use paths and sidewalks along frontage roads and at cross-street intersections.  The total project length is 16 miles. The Southeast Connector project will require approximately 22 acres of right-of-way. TxDOT predicts that this could result in 23 residential displacements and 19 commercial displacements. The Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and the final environmental assessment were made available for public review in September 2020. The next steps for the project will be right-of-way acquisition.

Map of the project from TxDOT study

TxDOT in Brazoria County: SH 332

SH 332 in Brazoria County is soon to be improved by TxDOT. The roadway project is 5.3 miles in length and spans from FM 521 to SH 288. The project includes three major improvements. The first improvement will occur at the stretch of the road from FM 521 to FM 2004 and will include the reconstruction and widening of the roadway from two to four lanes. The second major improvement targets SH 332 from FM 2004 to SH 288. This section of the road will be widened from four to six lanes. The third major improvement will be the reconstruction of the bridge over Buffalo Camp Bayou. The project also includes some minimal improvements, namely the construction of sidewalks and a new drainage channel.

TxDOT is in the final stages of their plans for SH 332. The final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) were released in the fall of 2020. The next step for the project will be the acquisition of right-of-way. The project would require approximately 70.4 acres of additional right-of-way. After right-of-way acquisition, TxDOT will start construction.