NextDecade Corp. announces Galveston Bay Pipeline

On January 16, 2019 NextDecade Corp. hosted an open house event in Rosenberg, Texas to offer local landowners a glimpse of the company’s proposed Galveston Bay Pipeline project. If approved by regulators, the pipeline will run 97 miles from Katy, Texas to Texas City near Galveston. NextDecade has stated that they intend to build 85 percent of the pipeline along existing right of way, but that the other 15 percent would still need to be negotiated.

Property owners concerned about the Galveston Bay Pipeline should know that construction on the pipeline is not expected to be begin until 2022, and will not be completed until 2027 at the earliest. NextDecade will not file its formal application for the pipeline with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) until the fourth quarter of this year. Upon the approval of this application, FERC will still need to issue an environmental impact statement before NextDecade can begin construction on the Galveston Bay Pipeline. NextDecade also has applications pending to develop a pipeline and export terminal in south Texas near Brownsville.

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