LCRA Mountain Home Transmission Project

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has proposed a 138 kV transmission line project aimed to bolster the transmission infrastructure of the Texas Hill Country. The Mountain Home Transmission Project will be approximately 20 miles long and will extend between Kerr county and Gillespie county.  The powerline will extend between the existing Hunt Substation and the existing Harper Substation but will require the construction of a new substation in the middle of the route in the community of Mountain Home. 

The Mountain Home project is moving along in the process to be constructed. The PUC has already approved a route for the transmission line and in July 2020, a final order was issued approving the Mountain Home project. A motion for reconsideration of the final route determination was filed at the PUC. After final PUC approval, the next steps for the project are right-of-way and land acquisition.

The PUC approved route with locations of potential Mountain Home Substations

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