Ronald Reagan Extension in Williamson County

The city of Jarrell has mirrored the rest of Williamson County in its recent extraordinary population growth. Current population projections don’t show this growth slowing down anytime soon, which is why the County seeks to improve the region’s transportation infrastructure. One of the projects in the county’s long-range transportation plan is a connection between IH 35 and SH 95 near Jarrell, often referred to as the Ronald Regan extension.

The extension is in its initial stages and the county is currently conducting the “Ronald Reagan Extension Planning and Preservation Study” to look into possible routes. The study is being funded through the 2013 Williamson County Road Bond Program. The County has already reached out to potentially impacted property owners to gather feedback and provide opportunities for input. Based on these meetings with property owners, the County’s study team is planning different possible routes. Once these are completed, the study team will reach out to property owners to discuss the potential impacts. The County plans to have a route finalized in 2021.

According to a Williamson County fact sheet, the plan for the extension is for it to be built in phases. As the county continues to grow and as funding becomes available, the first frontage road will likely be a two to three lane road, with one lane in each direction, and potentially with a center turn lane. The second phase will be a second frontage road and lastly will be main lanes.

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