TxDOT in Wise County: US 81/US 287 Intersection Improvements and Roadway Reconstruction Project

TxDOT is working on a plan to improve roadways in Wise County, Texas near the city of Decatur. The entire plan consists of two smaller and distinct projects. The first is the US 81/US 287 Interim Crossover Project which will include crossover improvements and the addition of acceleration/deceleration lanes to enhance safety. The second is the US 81/US 287 Roadway Reconstruction and Intersection Improvement Project which includes the construction of new one-way frontage roads, ramps and U-turns as well as a grade-separated street crossing at the intersection of NRS Ranch Road.

The entire project is about 2.4 miles long and will cost approximately $39.5 million. The first of the two projects is projected to have a final design by the spring of 2021 and will start being constructed in winter of 2022. The second and final project recently underwent the public input phase and is anticipated to have a schematic by fall 2020. TxDOT states that the project is on track to get environmental approval by spring of 2021. Once the project gets environmental approval, then the final design will be created, right-of-way will be acquired and construction will begin.

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