New 138 kV High Voltage Transmission Line in Caldwell and Gonzales County

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. (GVEC), an electric utility company in Gonzales, Texas, plans to construct a 138 kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Caldwell County and Gonzales County, Texas known as the Delhi-to-Bluestem 138-kV Transmission Line Project.  In May 2020, GVEC filed an application the Public Utility Commission for an amendment to its Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) requesting approval for this project. In July 2020, the Commission administrative judge found the application sufficient. The project’s right-of-way would be 80 ft. wide, and stretch 13 miles in length starting from Wolf Run Road in Caldwell County to County Road 437 in Gonzales County. According to the timeline provided in GVEC’s approved PUC application, right-of-way acquisition is underway, and construction is on track to begin sometime later this year.

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