FM 1387 in Ellis County

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) plans to expand FM 1387 from North Midlothian Parkway to FM 664 in Ellis County. The existing right of way (ROW) varies from 80 ft. to 100 ft. wide while the proposed ROW varies from 125 ft. to 140 ft. wide. It is estimated that an approximate 200 parcels will be affected by this ROW expansion.  According to the project’s timeline released at its second public meeting in September 2020, the project recently received environmental clearance, and is currently obtaining the necessary right of way.  

2 thoughts on “FM 1387 in Ellis County

  1. Why is this route not being extended to IH 35E at Sterrett. The traffic flow that either of these routes provide is through the neighborhoods of North Waxahachie, Ovilla, Glen Heights, Oak Leaf, and Red Oak to get to northbound 35E. To go 2 miles more east with this project, over what is predominately farm land up for sale for more microchip housing communities would not only make sense, but should be a responsibility of this project. There is no safe secure path for eastern Midlothian traffic to safely maneuver to 35E north without passing elementary, middle schools, and high-schools, churches and day care centers and more. The constant waiting of thoroughfare development without placing the financial burden on the deep pockets of the developers is ridiculous. Please think this through for the final project itself.

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