Widening I-20 in Harrison County 

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is proposing to widen I-20 in the cities of Hallsville and Marshall from FM 450 to SH 43 (CSJ: 0495-08-109). The project improvements would expand the existing two lanes to three 12-ft lanes in each direction, add one-way frontage roads between FM 450 and FM 3251, and include other mobility improvements. The improvements will run across 10 miles, and require 57 acres of new right of way. Currently, complete funding for the project has not been identified so TxDOT is planning to construct the project in phases. In February, TxDOT conducted an in-person and online public meeting in which they claimed that right of way acquisition is expected to occur from 2023-2026.  According to the project’s development and predicted timeline, the first phase of construction should begin in 2026.

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